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Young Literature

+ than 10 years

Pack-a: Maito Panduro

Pack-a: Maito Panduro


ISBN: 8414643022695
Code: 102269

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XII Ala Delta Award of Children´s Literature.

The collection Literatura Lantzeko Fitxak (Cards to work the Literature) offers a careful selection of titles as the right tool to promote the reading, to guarantee a good reading understanding and to help to educate children and young.

The material is composed of:

  • 1 reading book.
  • 1 exercise book with activities for the reader, in which it is possible to work in a pleasant and creative way around the three reading moments:
    • Before the reading
    • During the reading
    • After the reading.

Age: From 10 years old. Primary Education 5th and 6th.
Values: Love, freedom.

Summary of the book:
Maito is a gipsy child. His father, Panduro, is in prison and he is illiterate. When the father and the son want to communicate via letter, they use a secret code: they will express their dreams of freedom through the birds, the horses, the mountains or the ponds.

Language: Standard Basque.
Author: Gonzalo Moure.
Translator: Jose Antonio Sarasola.
Illustrator: Fernando Martín Godoy.
Collection: Cards to work the Literature.
Subcollection: Paper Txoriak Sail Berdea.
Illustrations: black and white.
Pages: 104.
Pages of the exercise book: 24.

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