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Ibaizabal Publishing House presents four new illustrated books

Published 17/12/2012


  • The youngest people are fascinated with the illustrations, and they are also attracted by the incredible stories appearing in books.
  • “These albums have been thought with the aim to promote the literature for children and young people in Basque language”, has stated Eukene Herrera, children´s and youth´s literature coordinator for Ibaizabal Publishing House.
  • Nowadays, there is a boom in the market of illustrated books; in fact, this type of publications of large format and careful edition, are also attractive for adults.
  • Ibaizabal Publishing House has launched the few existing publications in Basque language and it has introduced four very successful novelties.
Bilbao, December 2012. Nowadays, the technology is present in every field of leisure, but there is a sector with more and more charm that survives for the youngest people and even for their parents: the illustrated book. The illustrated book offers nice moments to those who decide to read it and it also has the ability to approach and get to know the world of literature to children and youth.
Eukene Herrera, childrens´ and youth´s literature coordinator of Ibaizabal Publishing House, has stated that “these albums have been thought to promote the literature for children and youth in Basque language”. The format is clear: large illustrations and careful text, complemented in a perfect harmony. Herrera has said: “We can state that young people are delighted with the illustrations´ beauty, due to its visual impact, and in a second stage, the stories attract readers, who start feeling the pleasure for reading”.
In fact, the illustrators of this kind of books are the most important and, some of them become really famous, like Rebecca Dautremer or Benjamin Lacombe.
Ibaizabal is, actually, one the few publishing houses that has decided to publish illustrated books in Basque language, and it has just introduced four novelties: “Ondine”, “Gabon Kontakizuna”, “Zirku Magikoa” and “Bilatu eta aurkitu Biblian”.
Ondine is inspired in Friedrich´s story La Motte-Fouqué and Jean Giraudoux´s Theater work. Its texts and illustrations have been made by the famous Benjamin Lacombe. Ondine is an aquatic nymph, who was rescued when she was a child and who lives in a house near an enchanted forest. Suddenly she meets a gentleman and falls in love with him. Surprisingly, this fact makes the best of her, but she will find different obstacles. This wonderful book presents supernatural beings, love, envy, jealousy…
Gabon Kontakizuna is a beautiful book full of drawings. The popular writer and illustrator Cherie Zamazin tells us about Jesus´ birth with intensity and love.
Zirku Magikoa is the new book of Philippe Lechermeier, the popular author of literature for children. Through one of his original and peculiar characters, he reflects poetic and playful texts and funny scenes full of humor. Besides, the illustrator Sacha Poliakova, with the help of dynamic and colorful scenes, has been able to reflect the circus´ funny ambience. This is a gorgeous book that promotes the literary game, the interest for the art and the spectacle, the teamwork, the reading and the imagination.
Bilatu eta aurkitu Biblian is a funny way to read the Bible. This book written by Carl Anker Mortensen presents all the great stories of the Old and New Testament, by the hand of a young boy called Max. The illustrator José Pérez Montero has hidden Max, who is searching for adventures in these 28 stories. In order to see him, the reader will have to find him.
The power of the image
The influence of the images illustrating this collection is one of the incentives to attract the youth. In fact, the youth, seduced by the images, start to be in contact with more developed texts. Ibaizabal Publishing House describes this type of books as follows: “They change the Literature into art, due to the fact that both activities complement each other”.
Besides, during these special days, the attractive covers of the illustrated books go along perfectly with the Christmas decorations that illuminate our towns and cities´ shops and streets. “The illustrated book is a perfect present for Christmas, in order parents can give them to their children and it is also a good present for adults”, has stated the literature´s coordinator of this Publishing House.

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