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Ibaizabal’s books in CALCO 24

Published 21/12/2020

The municipalities of Ansoain, Aranguren, Berriozar, Burlada, Egüés, Huarte, Pamplona, Villava and Zizur Mayor have published the number 24 of the CALCO magazine, a guide linked to the Municipal Programs of Animation to the Reading in School Centers for the 2020-2021 academic year.
In this issue, there are 4 books of Ibaizabal: «Sumendiak», written by Fleur Daugey and illustrated by Tom Vaillant; «Badatoz piratak!», written by John Condon and illustrated by Matt Hunt«Mikelek ederra egin du», written by Paloma Sánchez Ibarzabal and illustrated by Jacobo Muñiz; and «Azken otsoa», written by Sébastien Perez and illustrated by Justine Brax.

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