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Txominen sentimenduak

Txominen sentimenduak

Collection: TXOMIN

ISBN: 9788483945551
Code: 101603

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(Txomin´s feelings)

Topic: The feelings.

Setting: Present time.

Synopsis: The different situations in Txomin´s life make him react in a different way. In this book we can see daily situations, where the reader can feel identified. This is a book with flaps and games for discovering and enjoying with the smallest.

Aspects to emphasize:

  • Book of large format.
  • Simple and colourful illustrations, that readers can easily identify.
  • Capital letters.
  • Simple text, that imitates a child´s voice.
  • Discovering games inserted in the book.
  • Simple flaps in order the reader can interact.
  • The book helps parents and children to approach and understand the different emotions that children are feeling and discovering.

Values that are transmitted: to help how to recognise and manage the emotions, the self-improvement and the importance of the affection.

Language: Standard Basque.
Authoress: Liesbet Slegers.
Translator: Eider Mujika.
Pages: 56.
Format: 250x260 mm.
Age: from 3 years old.