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  • Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values


We contribute to the task of training the younger generation

Ibaizabal is a company which specializes in education, contributing to providing comprehensive training for people; our role consists of:

  • Collaborating in the transmission of educational knowledge through the creation of curricular teaching content.
  • Collaborating in the improvement of the work of teaching staff and of educational establishments through the development of professional services.
  • To encourage leisure for children and young people as something which is learning-oriented, through the publication of literature and the promotion and/or organization of cultural activities.

All of this is focused from a standpoint of human values and from that of commitment to Basque culture and society.


To be a point of reference for approachability and human values in the sphere of education and leisure in Basque society


The greatest innovation is to remain true to our values

  • Integrity of the Ibaizabal project (people, suppliers, clients, society).
  • Commitment to society and the Basque-speaking environment.
  • Originality: the search for innovative solutions with improvement as the goal.
  • Cost-effectiveness: efficiency in work to provide funding for the activities and objectives, with solidarity as the cultural basis.
  • Professionality and thoroughness in work.
  • People: these make up the basic value at Ibaizabal and a sense of pride and belonging will be nurtured.
  • Association with the Edelvives Group as a strategic added value.